Turnitin Feedback Studio:
A Guide for Students and Instructors


What is Turnitin Feedback Studio?

This is a new interface released by Turnitin that modernizes the experience for students and instructors. All the same functionality of Turnitin Classic is still in this offering but with updated workflows and a new look and feel. Try out an interactive demo to see for yourself.


What’s different in Turnitin Feedback Studio from the Classic Experience?

View this Video on Turnitin Classic vs. Feedback Studio to see the differences between the two experiences.


How do I use Turnitin Feedback Studio?

The new experience is already on by default in your courses. Review the guides below for how-tos.

Instructors: Use Turnitin like you typically would to create assignments, check originality reports, provide grading and feedback.

-  Use the Instructor Guide to Feedback Studio for guides.

Students: Use Turnitin like you typically would to submit assignments and review feedback and grading.

-  Use the Student Guide to Feedback Studio for guides.


How do I get help on Feedback Studio?

Students and Faculty can contact 24/7 support at 855-836-3520 or https://nuonlinebbsupport.neu.edu for live chat. Instructors, contact your instructional designer for questions on how to best implement this tool.


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