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A video demonstration of this guide is also available here.

Recent browser versions disable viewing of "mixed content" (or content from a non-HTTPs site). This means that embedded videos from YouTube, Screencast.com, Vimeo, and other non-HTTPs sites will not display in Blackboard.   This article shows the ways that students can allow this content, but the best practice is for faculty to adjust links to video content to open in a new window.

To resolve this blocked video issue:
  1. First, navigate to the location of your video outside of Blackboard.


  2. Copy the URL of the video.


  3. Navigate to the location of the embedded video within your course.

  4. Go to "Build Content." In the drop-down menu, choose "Web Link."

  5. Paste the copied address in the "URL" box and enter the name of the video in the "Name" box." In the Web Link Options, make sure the selection is set to "Yes" in "Open in New Window."

    In the "Description" area, enter the following instruction: "If you are unable to see the video above, click this link."


  6. Click on Submit. A green bar will appear indicating that the link has been created.

    Your video will now appear in a new window when students click on the link. This will resolve the issue by displaying non-https content in a new window.


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